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Transculturele congresreis Tanzania

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Living With Severe Mental Disorder (3 luik Dutch)


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Invitation conference in English


The aim of this scientific congress is to share knowledge and experience with local mental health workers. It will 

take place between November 5th – November 15th 2019. This years theme will be “vulnerability and resilience.

Like in previous years, there will be space for other topics and or lectures. At the end of this week Dutch

participants will have a thorough understanding of how health care in general, and mental health care in particular,

is organized in low-income countries. They will have acquired an insight in health-seeking behaviour of the people making

use of these services. This understanding is important for doctors working with migrants in Western countries.

By organizing this meeting in Tanzania we bring the participants to an environment where learning is experience

and experiencing enhances knowledge.

Programme: Afra van der Markt, Marieke Groot-Zevert (Scientific Committee),

                            Alexander Snijdewind (Organizing Comittee) and

                            Rolf Schwarz (Advisor).